What you don’t know about us…

Ok, so we have a confession to make.

We are not your average online gifting retailer…we don’t have a deep dark past or anything, no skeletons in the closet, but there are a few strange truths about us that seem odd when considered in the context of where we are today:

FACT #1: Dexter farts in the most important meetings

FACT #2: The first marketing plan was written on 1 April 2001, April Fools Day – and we’re still around today? Go figure!

FACT #3: When our CEO Naomi began the business she had no idea about the internet, she remembers thinking to herself “Oh I’m a bit old to learn all of that new-fangled Internet stuff” Now she would have to be more Gen Y than most of the Gen Ys inside the business.

FACT #4: Our first website basically existed in a black hole. It never got picked up in searches, only the words “skip intro” did. That’s because Google can’t read images, and our homepage only contained an image and the words “skip intro”.

FACT#5: This lead a University of Technology Sydney lecturer to use RedBalloon’s website as an example of the WORST website he had ever seen, and an example of what NOT to do. Naomi found this out when she asked the rhetorical question during a speaking engagement “did anyone see our first website?”A student came and saw her afterwards and told her about his lecturer… Naomi was glad he hadn’t said this  in front of the audience at the time!

FACT #6: We launched 3 weeks after September 11, 2001 inauspicious timing, and it was also just after the dot.com crash where any people had lost a lot of money. Somehow we found that niche, grabbed it with both hands and didn’t let go.

FACT#7: Our Development (IT) Team is probably the most extroverted out of everyone, even the sales guys. See ‘Developer life @ RedBalloon

Dave, one of our Developers

Dave, one of our Developers

R is for Roneel, not RedBalloon - silly!

R is for Roneel, not RedBalloon - silly!

FACT#8: The CEO sings out our Christmas target number daily to get us going which is usually accompanied by Christmas bells and a proper sound track to keep us on the right note. At the moment this is ” all i want for Christmas is 654,321!!” The number of experiences we want to have sold by midnight Christmas day.

FACT#9: We can use words like PLEASURE RELATIONS in all seriousness. Why? because our Pleasure Relations Team is responsible for giving our customers a good time – who says Pleasure is a dirty word?

FACT#10: The name RedBalloon comes from the Oscar winning children’s movie the Red Balloon where a red balloon befriends a little Parisian boy and after many incidents he is carried off by a bunch of balloons to experience an amazing adventure. The essence of the story is that the red balloon is a symbol of happiness in a grey day.

FACT#11: We get the day off on our birthday, which means most RedBallooners go gallivanting off on a RedBalloon experience to celebrate.

Verity goes ballooning over Byron on her birthday

Verity goes ballooning over Byron on her birthday

FACT#12: We don’t have an HR Team (BORING) we have an Employee Experience Team who are HR Professionals and make sure that not only do we sell experiences, working here is an experience (and a good one at that).

What are some quirky facts about your business?

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