Ahoy Me Hearties – It’s Christmas!

There are pirates, a giant parrot and an alligator with flip flops! Where are we? Celebrating Christmas with RedBalloon!


This year we lived our value of a ‘Sense of Humour and Fun’ and embarked a tall ship journey on Sydney Harbour for our Christmas party. There was a pirate theme and all got involved in hopes they’d win the mystery prize for best dressed.

The tall ship was amazing – an authentic square rigger built in 1922. We eagerly jumped on board with our ‘me hearties’ at 4.30pm with enough sunshine left to enjoy Sydney Harbour’s beautiful day time scenery. We were greeted with wine or beer (or wine AND beer), and sat back, relaxed and enjoyed each others company with the beautiful backdrop of Sydney Harbour… but there wasn’t relaxing for too long as the clay shooting was introduced!

I’m excited to say that for a small girl I gave shooting my best ‘manly’ shot… but embarrassed to announce that I didn’t even hit the target once! Oh well, I could smell food and it was my quick exit without anyone noticing my poor performance.

We enjoy a delicious Aussie BBQ (cooked to perfection), including seafood, and a glass of wine, beer or soft drink. There’s no better way to eat than sailing on Sydney Harbour, and before long the sun began to set and our setting changed as Sydney lit up with millions of lights from the many Sydney houses and office buildings.

But who won ‘best dressed’ I hear you asking? Remi (Product Strategy Manager) and Kristie (Marketing Manager) took home first prize for the fiercest looking RedBalloon pirates and I hear they made their way home through the City in their outfits too!


A big thank you to Naomi and Peter Simson for their generosity and thank you to Megan and Casey for organising another wonderful RedBalloon event.

Georgia :-)

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