RedBalloon Goes Napoleon!

A mini make-over at Napoleon Perdis? Yes please!

There was a buzz around the RedBalloon office late Wednesday afternoon as 5 o’clock approached to make our way to Napoleon’s head office to be pampered like celebrities!

It’s every girl’s favourite treat… being taken care of and made to look fabulous.

As we arrived and took a seat, we were shown a brief presentation of “what’s hot this season” before making our way to their oversized make-up studio to begin our celebrity transformation. The first thing I noticed was the sparkly light-bulb lights around the mirrors – very Broadway, and then the smorgas board of Napoleon Perdis make-up caught my eye shortly after. I was like a kid in a candy store, picking up different colour shades and testing them on my hand… until I was interrupted and told it was my turn.

I took a seat in one of the twirly cosmetic chairs, and answered some basic questions about my skin type and experience with make-up application. Truth is, while I love all things celebrity – flicking the glossy pages of fashion magazines and playing with make-up testers in stores, I’m not a girl who wears much of it, and I soon learnt why… because I don’t know how to apply it!

Adriana (my make up professional!) was wonderful! She showed me different tricks and how to apply easy to wear every day make-up…  and the best part, is she made sure that I had a chance to replicate what she had shown me so I didn’t go home not knowing how it’s to be done (which is usually the case).

I left feeling myself – they really hit the nail on the head with making sure we left with our own individual style enhanced, as opposed to just painting on a “what’s hot” style.

I hadn’t had my make-up done by someone else since my Year 12 formal (and that was some time ago!) and it was such an educational and fun experience.

So if you’re looking for gift ideas for Mum and the girls, this is it! And the best part about it is that RedBalloon clients receive $95 worth of make-up to take home so you may even score some of their goodies too.

Stay tuned for a review of my next RedBalloon experience!

Georgia :- )

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