How RedBallooners celebrate Christmas

Last week I wrote a blog about the different ways that people around the world celebrate Christmas and other holidays at this time of year. I really liked finding out about different celebrations, so much so that I decided pry into the private lives of my workmates and uncover what goes on in their homes at Christmas time.

I was amused!

Here’s the rundown…

Once they’re full and fuzzy from Christmas dining, Jem’s family like to play a game they call ‘Russian Balloon’. You light a candle in the middle of the table, blow up some balloons, and spend the next several-balloons-worth of I-don’t-know-how-long butting the balloons across the table with your foreheads. The aim is to get the balloon across the table, and over the candle, without bursting it. The challenge is that your coordination might not be so good after three cups of egg nog. The benefit is that it’s a nice, lazy game to play when you’re lolling around, too full to get off your chair.
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This is a fantastic and very original story. Kristie spends Christmas at her grandmother’s house with her family, and Kristie’s grandma likes to set themes! Last year was a casino theme. There was a jar in the house that everyone filled with change when they came to visit, and on Christmas day they played blackjack and bet with the savings. There was also a dress up theme – all the boys dressed up as police and all the girls as belly dancers. I asked Kristie what the theme was this year, and she said she didn’t know yet. They’ll find out on the day when they open their gift bags. The costumes will then be revealed…
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Alice once dated a Danish boy, and one year spent Christmas with his family. Each year his mum would cook a REALLY BIG rice pudding and everyone would get a REALLY BIG BOWL and have to EAT IT ALL! This was a problem for Alice, as she wasn’t too keen on the pudding. Anyway, the aim of the game – yes, there’s a game – was to find the one almond that had been baked into the pudding. If you found it you had to keep it secretly tucked away in the side of your mouth until everyone had finished, and then reveal yourself as the winner. Alice’s competitive edge won over her dislike for the pudding, so she played, but missed out on the almond.

Each year Alex spends Christmas Day in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Her father-in-law gets up at 6am to rush down to the park and bags some tables. Alex isn’t sure whether this is necessary or not, but regardless her father-in-law insists on heading down each Christmas morning to secure the spot, and sleep / hang out there until everyone else arrives. Apparently it’s all about the tables.

Not really a funny story, but definitely a helpful one. Christmas lunch for Shaina’s family isn’t a one-cook affair. Everyone brings something – her uncle brings the ham, her brother salads… If you don’t do Christmas like this, you should consider it. It means one person isn’t stuck in the kitchen cooking and no stress-induced fights break out…except for when you start popping out the Christmas hats and bad jokes and one person decides they don’t want to join in…

Mitch’s family play backyard cricket. Very Australian. And a good way to work off that Christmas feast and take out your festive frustrations on the ball.

Once again, some pretty funny stories from the team at RedBalloon.

Think you can better them?


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  1. Alex
    Posted December 18, 2009 at 8:42 am | Permalink

    Hahah so funny and true – great insights! :)

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