Christmas Eve at RedBalloon

It’s Christmas Eve at RedBalloon!

We’ve just had a traditional Christmas lunch (thanks to our Christmas elves) and now we’re all gathered around the scoreboard watching the numbers increase every time a new RedBalloon experience is purchased.

RedBalloon Christmas Lunch

Christmas for us is by far our busiest period… and this year we were playing for 654,321 experiences sold by 4pm Christmas eve! And we made it… with a full hour to go!


There was clapping and cheering around the office as not only had we just made our target, but this meant that we each received a RedBalloon experience from our wishlist to celebrate. I bagged a massage at home voucher… which is just what the doctor ordered after our crazy Christmas rush!

Everyone pulled their weight to reach our number and we each supported one another. It was such a relief to know that we had won our game and could now throw our feet up right in time for a Christmas early mark… (but not the Pleasure Relations Team whose phone was still ringing off the hook).


We then all gathered around as we all opened our Kris Kringle’s and Naomi announced and reminded us on this year’s many achievements… and ended with revealing this years ‘Higgins Award’ winner for best performance. Drum roll please *drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*… the winner is ME! (blush). I didn’t expect to be chosen for the award (it didn’t even cross my mind) as I have never considered what I do at RedBalloon to be ‘outstanding’… I simply love being a part of the RedBalloon family and playing the game! We’re on a mission to change gifting forever and it’s such a relief working for a company I believe in and a wonderful feeling to know that you are recognised for what you bring to the team!


Thanks everyone : )

And until my next blog … Happy New Year!

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