What’s hot this summer

It’s that time of year when you should be either sticking to those strict New Year’s Resolutions that you gave yourself: get fit and active, eat better, get new hobbies, be nice to people… they sound familiar don’t they?…Or at least make a start on them because you’ve been too festive and focused up until now.

Or perhaps some of you just think New Year’s Resolutions are a load of bollocks and you’re just keen to get on with enjoying life this summer!

This list of top sellers this summer appeals to you all, so feast your eyes on the the very affordable list below:

For those who said they’d get fit and active: test your muscle elasticity by flinging that body of yours through the sky and stretching it out by going on a ‘Flying Trapeze Circus Skills For Two’ – $96, or work those triceps by a ‘Kayak in the Royal National Park’ – $77, or a spot of  ‘Golf On A Championship Course & Cart Hire’ – $110.

For those who said they’ll eat better: Go on, try a ‘Chocolate Making Workshop’ $130 you know you want to! We didn’t say the word healthier we said BETTER, priorities people! Or perhaps you want to entertain or woo a new summer lover? ‘Spanish and Tapas Cooking Class’ – $125

New hobbies: ‘Quad Bike Adventure’ – $80, ‘Learn To Fly A Helicopter’ – $299, or a ‘Light Aircraft Trial Instructional Flight – $165′

Being nice to others: Your best friend or partner will give you brownie points for a ‘Day Spa Pamper Session For Two’ – $184, Family or friends with a little one and new mums will love you for a ‘Personalised Children’s Story Book’ – $39 or a  ‘Baby Hands and Feet Casting Kit’ – $48.

The festive and unfocused: ‘Red Wine Tasting Experience In a Box’ – $84 because you’ve been out and about so much you need to continue the festivities in the comfort and safety of your own home now. Or maybe you’re up for an ‘Abseiling Forward Run’-$79 because you’re secretly still looking for that rush!

For the water babies: A ‘Jet Boat Ride – 30 Minutes – Adult’ -$60 don’t pretend you won’t get immersed in the drink when you’re leaning into the bend with your arms in the air squealing like a little girl with excitement! Or there’s a ‘Swim With Dolphins’ – $98, or ‘Learn to Stand Up Paddle Board’ – $60.

The wet weather prepared people: ‘Gold Class Cinema Gift Voucher For Four’ – $151.50 This is the ultimate get out of jail for free card if you have organised a catch up somewhere outdoor with friends and the weather turns on you.

Check out the other top sellers this summer and take your pick – and enjoy yourselves!

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