Valentine’s Gift Idea – Helicopter Flight & Lunch

If you’re looking for something romantic to give this Valentine’s Day, jump on board for the Hunter Valley Scenic Flight and Lunch for Two.

If you’re not looking for romance, it also makes a great day out.

My flatmate thought it sounded like a great day out.

“If your boyfriend can’t make it, take me!” she appealed.

But my boyfriend could make it so it became a romantic day out with my boyfriend.

The fact that I wanted our day out to be a surprise so didn’t tell him what we were doing gave everything an even more romantic edge.

It also gave my boyfriend a nervous edge. As soon as Cessnock Airport came into view he went quiet and a grey tinge crept over his skin.

“You’re not going to make me jump out of a plane, are you?” he asked.

“Oh, no. We’re going in a helicopter,” I said quickly. I couldn’t leave him in that state.

The Hunter Valley Scenic Flight and Lunch for Two really is a fantastic experience. Great value, stunning scenery and amazing food. The staff at Cessnock Airport are really friendly, your pilot included. They’ll make you feel safe and comfortable upon your arrival and are clearly professional and passionate about what they do.

Turn up, meet your pilot, pop on your headset and jump in. If you’ve never been in a helicopter before, you’ll love the new sensation of it rising off the ground. It’s nothing like a plane, more like you’d imagine a dragonfly to take off. It just sort of hovers off the ground then buzzes into the blue.

Boyfriend and me with helicopter in the Hunter Valley.

Boyfriend and me with helicopter in the Hunter Valley.

Once you’re in the air you can chat to each other through your headsets, because the roaring of the blades means you need to wear ear protection. And if you do talk, it’ll probably be about the view. What a view! The Hunter Valley is enchanting from the air and it’s a wonderful experience to be flying over it. Your pilot will make sure you get the most out of your flight by giving you a verbal tour of the patchwork of green that is spread out below you.

For lunch, there is a choice of two restaurants – Amanda’s On the Edge or Esca Bimbadgen. We chose Esca Bimbadgen, however both restaurants have fantastic reviews, so either way you’ll be happy. Both offer a three-course meal, a bottle of wine and enchanting rural views.

One of the most impressive things about this experience is arriving at a restaurant in a helicopter. EVERYONE looks at you, because it’s not every day you see people arriving for lunch in such style.

When our helicopter arrived to pick us up again after lunch, people on the table next to us started joking about how the helicopter was coming for them.

“Well, actually, it’s for us,” my boyfriend said.

“Aren’t you lucky!” said one of the ladies at the table, turning to me. “Your boyfriend taking you out in a helicopter.”

“Well, actually, it’s me who’s taking him!” I replied.

Full, happy and kitted up in my flight gear on the way back to the airport.

Full, happy and kitted up in my flight gear on the way back to the airport.

The flight back to the airport is just as impressive as the flight there, and your pilot will take you on an alternate route so you can see some different scenery.

As a result, one recommendation I would make is:

  1. Take your camera.
  2. Some other points I would make are:

  3. If you’re feeling nervous about flying in a helicopter, don’t. Your pilot will make you feel so safe and it really is a very exciting experience.
  4. Esca Bimbadgen or Amanda’s on the Edge – if you’re having trouble choosing, just pick one. They’re both amazing!
  5. If you don’t have a partner or don’t want to take yours for some reason, doing this with a friend or family member will be just as enjoyable. You’ll both have so much fun.
  6. If you do want to take your partner and also want romance, it’s all there –the views, the food, and the quality time together.
  7. This would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift. (you probably won’t be able to book it in FOR Valentine’s Day, but you can at least give it, and then you’ve got another romantic day to look forward to!)
  8. If you like the sound of a helicopter flight, but don’t want to pick this one, check out our other Helicopter Experiences – they’re available in almost every state.

If you’re still not convinced about how great this experience is, you can read some customer reviews and Alice’s review. She will agree with me, this is a day you won’t forget!

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