My Valentine’s Day Story

It’s Valentine’s Day 2008 and I’m expecting to receive another one of those ‘I love you’ teddy bears from the petrol station.

To my surprise, my boyfriend arranged a RedBalloon parasailing experience for us on Sydney Harbour instead.

I was so excited; the sun was shining and we were lucky to be blessed with clear blue skies. We grabbed our sunnies, slip slopped slapped and jumped on a ferry from Circular Quay to Manly.

We ran off the ferry (10 minutes late) and ran down Manly wharf huffing and puffing hoping we had not held everyone up too long. Everyone was great; understanding and friendly and just as excited as we were to get started!

We had an amazing time. Parasailing is an amazingly calm experience – we felt like two birds flying through the sky and it was wonderful to share our Valentine’s Day gift together (it sure beat another teddy bear!).


A week later, I was job hunting and saw an advertisement for RedBalloon.

‘Hey, isn’t RedBalloon that the company who we did parasailing with?’ I thought. At the time I had never even heard of RedBalloon and had assumed they were just a parasailing supplier. I jumped online and was shocked to find there were thousands of experiences to choose from!

Of course I applied for the job (who wouldn’t?) and two years later I’m engaged to the boy who took me parasailing…


and working for the best employer in Australia and New Zealand (as voted by Hewitt, January 2010)…

AND here I am, sharing my story with you!


This Valentine’s Day, stuff the toys…create a story!

Until next time, happy Valentine’s Day!

Georgia :)

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