What’s in a name – Pleasure Relations no more!

I have been gainfully employed at RedBalloon for 2 and half years. For this entire period I have been a happy member of the Pleasure Relations team (PR).

Once we were PR!

Once we were PR!

Fortunately not any more. No I haven’t been retrenched and I haven’t moved to a new team. We have changed our name. We are now: Customer Experience Consultants.

So what, I vaguely hear you cry. Well for many on both sides of the argument it is either the sad end to a great and fun name which encapsulates all that is RedBalloon or a joyous occasion when we can move to the future with a name which demonstrates what we do and does not sound like we work in the industry where Happy endings are on offer!

Prior to writing about this I spoke to all the major protagonists for their thoughts:

Sarah RupleyCorporate Product Manager (previously PR manager and creator of the name)

“When I started at RedBalloon I had taken a position to head the Customer Care team and I noticed the impact that the ‘Customer Care’ title had on my team and ME! There was a stigma that ‘customer care’ was just about complaints and assisting computer challenged customers. However, we were so much more than that – we were the brand and what the customer associated with who RedBalloon was. So the Pleasure Relations name was born. The new name gave us permission to shake things up and have a personality – be fun, be daring and not take things so seriously. So now it is time for the next chapter for the team and a new name change. I am proud that the initial stigma has now been lifted and the team very much live our values.”

Naomi SimsonChief Experience Officer:

“I love the name” Pleasure Relations team” to be a consultant focussed on making sure that we are giving people a good time is an extension of our values and who we are. The name has served us so well; it is different, stands out and is fun.

“The RedBalloon success has come from truly understanding customer touch points, and service excellence, and our brand reputation has been achieved through the work that the PR team does…
So as we become larger, and given we are all about the ‘experience’ I see why we have re named the team the ‘customer experience’ team.”

Jemma FastnedgeGeneral Manager of RedBalloon:

“The Customer Experience Team was created to complement our Chief Experience Officer and our Employee Experience team titles. The team of fantastic individuals who talk directly to our customers have the ability to provide memorable experiences through just being themselves. So we felt the title change more accurately reflected their job of providing a great customer service experience. We also felt the time had come to return the ‘pleasure’ term to the industry most people think of when you say it and give our team job titles they don’t mind saying in public!”

Whilst we, as members of the team formally known as PR, understood the thinking behind it, we didn’t much like it. We get emails from customers asking “How are you going to give me pleasure?” and “Is that really your title”. I don’t think any of us, when asked what we do, would say we were in Pleasure Relations

When I arrived on these shores from the UK I was looking for a great job which would give me the flexibility to look after our Kids and to be able to engage with meaningful work. So there I was scouring the local rag for part-time jobs and right in the middle of the ads was the phrase: “Do you want to give pleasure?” I thought that’s a bit odd. What’s that sort of advert doing in the job section? It was only by luck that I saw who placed the add and quickly sent off my CV. I was really chuffed to get the job, but I did try and keep my title under wraps. I think friends and family in the UK when they first saw it thought that times must be hard!.

I think I speak on behalf of all the Customer Experience team, when I say that we are delighted with the new name and that it truly reflects the sterling work we do. The only exception is Emily, she has been enjoying free drinks from American Sailors on the back of the old name! Sorry Em.

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