How We Help People Send Gifts from UK to Australia

I’ve been trying to think up an excuse to write about our UK mini-site. It’s colourful and shiny and I love the way it looks.

I wanted to show it off so had been searching for a reason to write about the UK and throw a cheeky link in there, but the Ashes aren’t on until the end of the year and I don’t know about any upcoming visits from the royal family.

The designers heard me complaining and simultaneously showed me an article about the dismal weather they’ve been having in the UK.

And there it is. Suddenly the RedBalloon UK mini-site isn’t just pretty, it’s pretty damn useful! With all that wintry weather, what Brit is going to want to trudge out into that minus degree weather and go shopping? Especially not for that brother / best friend / mother who is currently enjoying the sunshiny 25-degrees-plus Australian summer days.

But for someone who is only distant in terms of geography, and not by the heart, a gift will always be bought. So this colourful, shiny mini-site that I’m so desperate to talk about is going to give them the best of both worlds – they get to stay in AND buy a fabulous gift. was launched in October last year and has been making it easy for people in the UK to send gifts to their friends and family in Australia ever since. It’s a cute little portal site in that after you’ve decided what you want to buy it shuttles you to RedBalloon Australia to make your purchase.

One of the first things you’ll see when you go to the site is a picture of someone with a postage stamp on their forehead, which I think is pretty funny. It was either that or having a photoshopped pic of someone trying to fit themselves through the slot of a red postbox. Anyone who knows anything about design will know why the postage stamp prevailed.

There’s also a shiny, colourful map inviting you to choose your gifts by state.

Who wouldn’t want to click on that?!

The mini-site has been broken up into states to make it easier for whoever is buying a gift. You can choose a gift category that takes your fancy – pamper or gourmet gifts, perhaps? – or click on one of the top 10 quick gifts that are listed for people who want some help making a decision.

There’s also a currency converter so you won’t have any trouble converting dollars into pounds (however it’s when you’re converting the other way that you really want to know how much it’s hurting your bank), and a polished little weather widget on the delivery page that rubs in the good weather we’re having Downunder.

But one of the things that gets me most excited about this site is the design. RedBalloon designer Alex has done a stellar job with the bold shapes, easy navigation and colours that are reminiscent of a fair day in the land of Oz. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the cute notepad page that’s been ‘attached’ to the footer with a virtual paperclip, and run your mouse over the the contact and social media links and watch them light up and pop out on the page. (Oh, and feel free to click on them and become our Facebook fan or Twitter follower, too)

It’s nice, right? You like it too?

So there it is. All I need to say and all you need to know about the UK mini-site. And if you know someone in the UK who wants to send a gift to an Aussie, you can direct them there.

Why send people here when you could point them straight to They’ll end up there anyway and you wouldn’t want them to miss out on the colour, shine and positively sunny experience of visiting

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you’ll agree.

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