Top 10 backyard experiences!

I came across an article listing Lonely Planet’s top 10 thrill seeking experiences around the world.

It got me thinking… we’ve got most of these exhilarating experiences in arms reach (with the exception of running with the bulls of course!).

Can’t jetset this year? No fear, here’s some backyard alternatives!

1. Big Shot Ride, Las Vegas USA

RedBalloon’s backyard experience:  Jungle Surfing, Cape Tribulation QLD

Fly with the birds through the Daintree Rainforest upside down. You’ll set off through a series of flying fox cables, glide from tree to tree (hands free if you wish) and catch glimpses of the Great Barrier Reef as you fly by.

2. Motorcycle Taxi Ride, Thailand

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Stunt Driving Wild Ride Experience, QLD

If bobbing in and out of traffic at high speeds is an attractive to you, then I’d recommend taking part in a Stunt Driving experience. You’ll speed through the tricks of a movie car chase and experience the thrill of riding on just two wheels! Hold on tight!!

3.    Rock Climbing, Yosemite Valley USA

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Abseiling In The Adelaide Hills, SA

Here’s an outdoor rock climbing adventure for all you thrill seekers out there and… it’s in Australia! Set in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, you’ll be descending these steep rock faces like a pro!

4. Parasailing, Acapulco, Mexico

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Parasailing Sydney Harbour, Sydney NSW


You’ll get an adrenalin pumped ride and an equally calming experience as you float like a bird over Sydney Harbour. Get dunked in the water or stay high and dry, the choice is yours.

5.    Zambezi Riverrafting, Zambia & Zimbabwe

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: White Water Rafting Full Day Adventure, VIC

Raft through the majestic Victorian and NSW rivers, and snake through the stunning scenery and wildlife. If you’re up for extreme sports then this is one for you!

6.    Running With The Bulls, Pamplona, Spain

Bulls chasing us down George Street, Sydney? Never say never!

7.    Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney Australia

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Skywalk Experience Sydney, NSW

Our Harbour Bridge made it on the list! As this is already a backyard experience, thought I’d go with the Skywalk for an alternative. You’ll be 260 metres above Sydney with this one, feeling perfectly safe, yet perfectly exhilarated! Dare to step out over the edge and face Sydney like never before!

8.    Swimming With Sharks, Dyer Island, South Africa

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Shark Diving At The Melbourne Aquarium, VIC

Get up close and personal with one of the most feared creatures of the deep. Right here in Victoria, you’ll come face-to-face with Grey Nurse Sharks, Seven Gill Sharks and Giant Stingrays. Take the plunge if you dare!

9.    ‘Edge Of Space’ Flights, Russia

RedBalloon’s backyard experience:  Jet Fighter Flight Adrenalin Adventure, Tasmania

Here’s a once in a lifetime experience that will see you in a Fighter Jet. You’ll experience high ‘G’ forces and up to 900kph as well as incredible aerobatic maneuvers guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping. Release your inner Top Gun!

10.    Swimming With Dolphins, New Zealand

RedBalloon’s backyard experience: Swim With The Hector Dolphin, New Zealand

No alternative here, as we’ve got the real deal! Jump in and dive with the world’s favourite and most intelligent creatures in Akaroa, easily accessible just 90 minutes from Christchurch.

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