And the Oscar goes to…

Each month at RedBalloon we host the Oscars…RedBalloon-style. Staff are nominated by their peers for living one of the RedBalloon values, and get 250 points to spend on the RedBalloon website (1 point = $1) and the Oscar statue on their desk for the month.

The values are:

  1. Do what we say we’re going to do
  2. Here for others – generous with our time, information and listening
  3. Team of leaders (responsibility, ownership, accountable, entrepreneurial spirit)
  4. Sense of humour and fun!
  5. A little dog with a BIG dog personality!

And this month the Oscar goes to…VIVIEN!

Viv is RedBalloon’s accountant, and she got TWO nominations, one each for leadership and generosity. According to the nominations, Viv has implemented some great initiatives, is committed and knows how to stand up for what she believes is right! YEAH, VIV!

Viv is such a star we thought we’d keep her in the limelight a bit longer and ask her a few questions about her success.


Viv with her Oscar

Me: I’m going to start with what I think is a funny question. Is there anyone you want to thank?

Viv: I thank my boss for giving me the opportunity to learn and to grow. And I also thank Jemma because she nominated me, I thank her for her kind words. Oh, and i thank everyone for supporting me! (Laughs)

Me: And this is a more serious question – how does it feel to have your peers recognise you for what you do in the office?

Viv: Happy. I appreciate being appreciated. It’s good to know that people don’t think I just sit in the corner doing payments. I do a lot of other things.

Me: And what are you going to do with your 250 points?

Viv: I don’t know. A massage? Because I’m tired from working? (Laughs again) What would you do?

I tell Viv I’m currently doing an eight-week photography course. She thinks that sounds like a great idea and opens her Facebook account where she shows me one of the great pics she’s taken. Viv’s clearly not just good with numbers, she has a creative streak too! We get back to the interview.

Me: And finally, what’s your strategy for dealing with all the media coverage after your Oscar win?

Another silly question. Viv clearly thinks so too and laughs so hard she spills her tea.

Viv: I’m going to wear a camel suit for the next two weeks so that no-one recognises me.

(What she actually said was that I could make that up, so I did.)

Congratulations on your Oscar, Viv. We love what you do.

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