Mother’s Day Gifts – why you need to get one

The mum you don't want to see on May the 9th

If you’re having second thoughts or even no thoughts at all about what to get mum this Mother’s Day,  pay attention to these very common repercussions…

1) Boys – no more relaxing head scratches from mum that send you into a dream-like trance. Girls – here come the rigid hugs for a while, not the cuddly, escape-from-the-world mum ones you’re used to. Guys and girls, these are taken away from you all because you didn’t give her the recognition she deserves for bringing you into the world.

2) No more stealing food from the fridge because she won’t be leaving any treats – simple as that. Oh, and forget home cooked meals. On the flipside think of all the culinary inspiration you could be giving her for Mother’s Day AND benefiting from if you send her off on a RedBalloon Cooking Class.

3) You will have to witness your mum’s disappointed puppy dog eyes that burn into your brain when you next see her.

4) Witness her early advancement into seasonal depression, or what is more commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder – when people experience symptoms of depression as the weather gets cooler. Unless you prevent this by getting your mum a RedBalloon experience she can go on while the sun is still out on Mother’s Day – everyone in the family will thank you for it. How about Horse Riding, Swimming with dolphins, Breakfast in a horse drawn restaurant, Champagne lunch on a Tall Ship, Parasailing, Sailing on the harbour, or a luxury camping getaway on the South Coast.

5) You miss the chance to stand out amongst your siblings! Mother’s Day is an easy win for favouritism. You do realise if you don’t get your mum a good Mother’s Day gift that says thanks ‘love you mum’ you are back to square one now?

6) The non-Mothers Day gift givers/skeptics this would mean you fall into the harsh ‘ i don’t do commercial occasions category’. Put it this way, every year loads of girls out there form an outcry when their boyfriends or friend’s boyfriends don’t give them anything on Valentine’s Day. How do we not know mums aren’t doing the same thing? If anything, they might be worse having honed their gossiping abilities  after years of practice. Just like the evil boyfriend that conveniently ignores Valentine’s Day is perceived as cold, you are now perceived as cold by your own mum – quite possibly her friends too.

7) You miss out on quality time with your mum at a good price. Check out the RedBalloon Mother’s Day Specials on offer, there’s some seriously good stuff on there at a range of different prices.

8 ) You’re also missing out on a great investment. Fair enough we’re not all perfect, up until now Mothers Day may not  have been a huge priority and it has been a bit hit and miss. But the memories that experience-based gifts generate can make up for past years and leave your mum thinking fondly about 2010. Get it right this year and your mum won’t expect much next year or the year after because she’ll still feel special when she reflects on the memory of the experience.

9) Think of all that wasted time and effort. Unless you’re an artist, most of us can’t get away with giving mum the remnants of art, craft and pottery classes anymore. The same goes for cheap ornaments, prints and the like.  So you may as well save the energy you invest in bargain hunting for these dust collectors and use it to think about something unique and personalised that will surprise and delight your mum.

10) She’s always watching! That’s right – if you don’t get your mum an awesome mothers day gift in time for the 9th of May you will lose your ‘mum lets you get away with things/ turns a blind eye’ rights. These are very precious, and they’re not hard to maintain when you sweep her off her feet with a RedBalloon experience that shows a little thought, one that she wouldn’t buy for herself so it’s a real treat. See the Mother’s Day Gift Guide for some inspiration.

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