Fondue & Martinis for Two – Review

Chocolate, martinis and strawberries – oh, my! Chocolate, martinis and strawberries…

It was time to stop gushing over the delicious array of food that was sitting in front of me and start consuming.

The experience: Chocolate Fondue & Martinis for Two. The location: a dimly lit, ornate bar in an inner-city Sydney suburb. The occasion: a friend’s birthday.

If you want to spend some quality time with a good friend or family member, or take someone on a cosy, delectable date, this experience is perfect.

It’s available on a selection of evenings throughout the week, the staff are wonderfully friendly and attentive and the food is to die for. Death by chocolate! At least, it would have been if we’d finished everything.

Sitting in the sumptuously adorned room, with loungy music setting the mood, you alternate between sips on your wonderfully bitter but sweet espresso martini and mouthfuls of dripping chocolatey goodness.

Our fondue was accompanied with a selection of fresh fruit, friend banana, Turkish delight, banana bread and panettone. Yum.

Alice wrote a review about this experience too. She also reviewed the last experience I blogged about. We must have similar taste.

But I would suggest we all have similar taste when it comes to chocolate fondue and martinis!

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