What’s cooking at RedBalloon?

At RedBalloon, we know cooking. We confidently write, create marketing support and answer questions about all sorts of cooking classes and cooking schools in our day jobs. BUT how confident are we in a real life kitchen?

Our skills (or lack thereof) were firmly put to the test last week when we rallied together in support of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for cancer.

And it wasn’t hard to garner enthusiastic involvement. Healthy competition. Good cause. Delicious treats. Check, check and CHECK!

Having undertaken a dessert cooking class with RedBalloon last year, my intentions were to dazzle the judges with something tasting so amazing that even the masterchef judges would be impressed. Snapping myself back to the reality of my “frozen vegetables and ready-made ravioli” kitchen persona, I realised fairly quickly that my only chance of taking out any sort of prize was in the Best Presentation category as the Best Tasting crown was almost certainly out of my grasp. That was my plan!

And I wasn’t alone. Strategy amongst the RedBalloon cooking academy troops was rife (ok, maybe not RIFE, but it was there), as was plenty of friendly baking related banter. No one would give anything away.

And so it was the culinary creations that spoke for themselves at the event.

The judges were direct, honest and authentic in their approval (and oftentimes disapproval) of our decadent delights.

Judge deliberation

Jemma- GM; Peter-Chairman; Megan-Employee Experience Manager

For the rest of us, it was an unashamed gorge-fest; piling our plates with as many calories as many of us would normally eat over two whole days. As happy as we felt for helping such a good cause, we certainly realised that altruistic baking and eating does not make us immune to kilojoule belly aches and sugar rollercoasters.

But I can’t submit this post without humbly announcing that my own creation “Rhonda” DID indeed win Best Presentation (strategic inclusion of a real helium RedBalloon combined with over the top decorating was the clincher)!

Rhonda the buttercake

"Rhonda" - my RedBalloon themed buttercake

Until next year!

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