The FIFA World Cup – RB Style

The football fanatic Brits in the office thought we needed to dedicate a whole day to celebrating the FIFA World Cup, so when I walked through the door on Friday morning the signature red balloons that were often floating around the office had been replaced with floating footballs.

There were footballs on flags that were necklacing the ceiling, little footballs on our desks…

Balls...balls...AND MORE BALLS!

..and there was even a football on the general manager’s head.

Jem setting the standard (although I think someone's going to get a little overexcited and kick her).

MOST people were dressed up, even if just wearing a token football tee. However those who WEREN’T were made to make ends meet by becoming one with the Beckham of shame.

The headless Beckham (for all those who weren't deemed dressed up enough).

We ate lunch around midday, thanks to Jay who cooked a delicious BBQ, and to keep in the soccer spirit even the paper napkins were themed.

Refuelling at half time.

Then we had a little parade so people could show off their outfits.

Who would score the most points?

The winners were announced:

Trudy - demonstrating how France knocked Ireland out of the cup with a hand ball.

Arielle - (and this is the only time she'll get to behave like this at her desk)

Arielle - who doesn't always behave like this at her desk

Joy - (I have a feeling someone might accidentally kick her also...)

Alice - the cutest boxing kangaroo EVER.

Joel - representing the All Whites in style.

Alex - WAG #1 (the overlooked team).

These guys were all star players of the winning team.

Surely a talented bunch.

As for me, I just sat on the sidelines and cheered.

Til next time…

x Me.

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