Men vs Women: Who looks harder for gifts?

* Graph data skewed to help my point.

While doing some research about how people are searching for gifts on Google, I came across a phenomenal anomaly.

gifts for boyfriend is searched twice as much gifts for girlfriend
gifts for wife
is search a fair amount more than gifts for husband

What can we make of this? My assumptions:

Boyfriend’s perspective Girlfriend’s Perspective
Girlfriends try really hard to buy gifts that impress us so that we want to finally marry them. We’re so thoughtful, lovely, beautiful, sweet and make excellent gift purchasers because we love our boyfriends so0o0o0o much and want to make him happy.
We don’t need to look hard for gifts because we know our girlfriends so well already (girls are suckers for romantic things like chocolates & flowers). Boyfriends are useless at buying us gifts and don’t think. They think that chocolates and flowers do the trick.

To all the boyfriends out there – don’t let your girlfriend upstage you when it comes to gifts. Think of it like a competition and you’ll be sure to win (I’m biased, but recommend something from RedBalloon – and that way you can go along too).

To all the girlfriends – drop some subtle hints about what kind of gift you want, make it easy for us poor fellas.

Husband’s perspective Wive’s Perspective
If we don’t buy a good gift – she’ll bloody crucify us! It doesn’t matter what I want to buy for him, he’s going to get something for himself anyway
She doesn’t need to put much thought into buying me a gift, because I’ll just buy it for myself anyway and she’ll put her name on it so the kids think she’s the thoughtful one Sweet old hubby, tries so hard but never quite gets the right thing

To all the wives out there – take back control of the gift buying. Get him something he would never buy for himself and next time when it’s your turn to receive, maybe he’ll buy you something a bit better?

To all the husbands – bring back the fun in buying her something nice. Think back to when you had to court her, back in the early days. Maybe some kind of romantic getaway?

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  1. Dee
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Permalink

    I dunno about this one. My gifts have gone from a cartoon characture of my hubby on his bike with pics of the things he loves to a Learner flight in an aeroplane. From a chocolate explosion sent to him at work to selecting something that he likes – hobbies etc. The right back at me – sometimes he forgets about the important dates as he says he has lousy date remembering skills though can talk under concrete – a little like knowing a little about a lot LOL. Mothers Day and Birthday both passed without him remembering, well we have been married 33 years, I supposse I could state seasonal dementia! :)

  2. Brandgrab
    Posted May 25, 2011 at 6:54 pm | Permalink

    Your graph data is mind blowing.Good post and good stuff you have shared.


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