What does Dad want for Father’s Day?

Looking into the future - this will be me as a DadIt’s kind of hard to forget about Father’s Day when you work at RedBalloon. I’m already starting to think about what to buy Dad this year. We’ve got exactly 1 month from today.

I thought I might share my thought process to maybe help you out when trying to decide on a Father’s Day gift this year.

  1. What was his childhood dream? A lot Dad’s at one point in time wanted to be a pilot or a race car driver – you can make it happen for him (I got my Dad a flying lesson last year – something he’d always talked about when I was a kid)
  2. What does he like doing? Golf? Fishing? They might often do these things but you can always take that hobby to the next level – you can join him on the day out too. (My Dad’s a golf addict, for his birthday this year we went to a championship golf course for a round together)
  3. What could he improve on? These kinds of gifts can often be enjoyed more by the family than your Dad himself, but you always get a good laugh (and help your Dad out in the meantime). I’ve heard of a friend who gave their Dad toothpicks as a joke gift because he always used to get food stuck in his teeth. Maybe I could get my Dad a bib? Sorry Dad.

It’s not all that hard to get something a bit special when you think about Father’s Day early.

And so we can all celebrate Dad together, here are some of the Dad classics…

When driving past someone washing their car, ‘you can do mine next, if you want!’

‘Dad I’m hungry’ … ‘Hi hungry I’m dad’.

After watching you fall over: “Have a nice trip!”

When Dad drops a pea off of his plate ‘oh dear I’ve pee’d on the table!’

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