From little things big things GROW

Last week was a big one for the RedBalloonTeam with the announcement of the theme for this new financial year and a never ending series of awesome surprises that left us all feeling spoiled rotten!

RedBalloon loves creating a theme each financial year that is strategically aligned to business growth and a bit of fun for the team to get involved in (the second part is essential).

The new theme “GROW” was planted with a colourful twist at the end of last week’s company meeting. The scene unfolded as GM Jemma, Employee Experience Manager Megan and CEO Naomi suddenly appeared wearing floral gardening gloves holding watering cans, vases, soil and seeds accompanied by the sound of strange, repetitive orchestral music.

GROW is all about taking our training and career development to a whole new level by allowing every RedBallooner to be their own ‘Career Personal Trainer’. Here’s how it works:

We have to spend 30 GROW hours each trimester. These can be:

  • Completed training courses on our RedBalloon Learning Seat (online training platform)
  • Brain Training
  • External training (courses and seminars)
  • Attendance at Lunch N’ Learns
  • Reading industry specific books and whitepapers
  • Time spent with the Customer Experience Team (‘Growth in Customer Love)
  • Internal Clinics
  • Involvement with a charity through our ‘We Care Program’
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions for Team Leaders.

These GROW hours are incorporated into our personal promises (like KPI’s) but more… personal and less boring.

As we grow our minds, we are growing our green thumbs and doing something positive for the environment. Everyone received a SIGG water bottle or reusable coffee cup and a desk pot plant to grow themselves so there is green everywhere and we make more conscious decisions with our recycling.

That’s not all. To wrap up what has been a massive 8 months – or what is also referred to as giving birth to RedBalloon’s baby (Wideload – our new website) the Employee Experience Team arranged a few more awesome experiences. We were treated with a lavish lunch on Friday, Massages while we worked, Hair Styling and Make Up before the big celebration on Friday evening.

Friday evening was spent at The Victoria Room dressed in our finest cocktail attire mingling over champagne, cocktails and canapés and fondue and good spirits.

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