Awww Dad!

For anyone who sees the humour in the funny things Dads say and do (we call these “Dad-isms”), this post is going out to you!

Here at RedBalloon, we love Dads and the role they play. Above all, we relish in their lighter side and love to celebrate them in all their (often embarrassing) glory. Even though they’re usually at the receiving end of family banter, those Dad jokes, failed cooking attempts and stories from his hay day are also precisely what endear Dads to us.

This Father’s Day, we’ve been running a competition to capture all the funny things Australian Dads have ‘cooked up’.

Some of my favourites so far:

  • Dad joke from our facebook fanpage- “When eating mushrooms Dad will always make a remark about how he’d like to eat more but he doesn’t have mush room.” Awww Dad!!
  • Facebook fan’s Dad who makes a larger-than-life sandwich called a “Bumbstetible”.
  • The Mr Fixit Dad who has been renovating the family kitchen. Two years later the kitchen is “almost complete”, just missing the stove, sink, cupboards, taps, walls and tiles.
  • Nickname that the Dad of one of our Twitter followers gave her, “Gertrude” (her name is not Gertrude and she has no idea where it came from).
  • An email entry where poor ole Dad was in charge of the gravy for a roast dinner and accidentally used cocoa instead of Gravox. (As a side note, I bet those jars are now labeled MUCH better. Imagine Gravox being used in a chocolate cake by mistake – EWWW).

If your Dad is as unique as the ones above, you might find the list of Fathers Day gift ideas we’ve picked useful. Or if you’re still stumped, add a comment below and we’ll give you a personalised suggestion based on the information (or Dad-ism) you share.

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  1. Valeria Maza
    Posted September 23, 2010 at 4:26 am | Permalink

    I love your experiencies!!!

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