Let Dad be the Judge

A month ago I sat down with my lovely Dad at our weekly breakfast rendezvous at Bambini Trust and asked him a load of questions on fatherhood.

Here are the questions i asked and his answers transferred from my napkin:

Q.1 What does it take to be a good Father?

Be a good listener. Be alert so you can detect if one of your children has a problem. Make sure you don’t have any regrets about not saying something to them or not doing something with them. In other words, live in the present.

Q2. What is the most rewarding part about being a Father?

There are so many rewarding things, receiving and giving love. Seeing your kids grow up and flourish. I think being a Father can continue to be rewarding the older you and your kids get if you make sure when your kids grow up they understand you as a person other than just being their Father.

Q3. What is your favourite movie?

‘Where Eagles Dare’ – it’s an old movie with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton in it.

Q.4 What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Exercise, meditate, do some yoga and read.

Q.5. Why is it nice to get some recognition on Father’s Day?

Because it’s a loving thing for children to do for their Father.

Q6. What’s your advice for people getting their Dad a gift on Father’s Day?

Do something different and surprising.

Q.7. Is food the way to a man’s heart? If so what kind of food?

Not quite, but it’s a start!

Q.8 What are some fond memories that you have with your kids?

  • When they were little

Going to the baby swing park, lots of laughter and a few tears from scraped knees.

  • Teenagers

I wish they’d grow up soon! Going to Boambee Bay – sun, surf and barbeques!

Letting Alex younger step son take the piss out of me and talking cars with Charlie older step son and realizing how much I don’t know.

  • Now

Doing different things with each of them – breakfast with Kate, Golf with Matt and intellectualising with Michael.

Q.9. If you had to give 10 pointers of advice on how to make Dad feel special what would you say?

  • If Dads pulls out a “dad joke” laugh uproariously… even if it’s not funny
  • Ask him what he has going on in his life and if he’s ok
  • Ask if there’s anything you can do for him from time to time
  • Don’t forget to always tell him you love him
  • Suggest family outings so he doesn’t have to organize them (even if he still pays!!)
  • Ask him what he thinks about things – politics, books, films etc.
  • Invite Dad and Mum  over for drinks/dinner/barbecue/afternoon tea
  • Organise a fun family function e.g. barbecue in Centennial Park in the spring etc
  • Give him an experience he wouldn’t normally buy for himself
  • Make sure he realises you don’t take him for granted (you can infact! But it’s nice to recognise that you don’t!)
  • Look after him when he gets REALLY old

Q.10. What kind of RedBalloon experience would you like to have done back in the day?

Sky Diving – for the adrenaline rush!

Q.11 What kind of RedBalloon experience would you like to do now?

Cheese tasting on Fort Denison, or a nice getaway.

Q.12. What’s the best kind of card to receive?

One that is humorous and shows the person has a sense of humour.

Q.13. What is more likely to convince you to give one of your kids a favour?

I don’t need anything from them, they just need to explain why and ask if it’s possible. I expect nothing in return.

Love you Dad!

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