How to Figure Out What to Buy for Christmas Gifts – 3 Tips

We’re still a couple of months out but according to a reliable source, 35% of you have started shopping for Christmas gifts already. I would personally consider shopping on the 17th of December early, but perhaps I’m just a tad unorganised.

Here are some ways to sneakily get ideas to give someone a pleasant surprise this Christmas:

1)   watch their facebook profile

One very interesting fact I’ve heard – 27% of shoppers last year visited their friends and families Facebook pages to get ideas for what to buy them. If you snoop around their “Likes” and interests you’re bound to get ideas. But the biggest gold will come from their status updates. In fact I might update my Facebook status now to give my friends a hint, which you could do to…

2)   Solicit information on the sly

You can have a lot of fun with this…especially if you use some social lubricant to let their words flow smoothly.

Talk around the subject of gifts, but never directly ask questions about what they want. My personal trick is to start talking about what you want for Christmas (or not want), and that way it gets the conversation going. Usually the more you divulge, the more they’ll tell you in return.

3)   Discuss gifts for another friend with them

This should be a last resort – they’ll let their opinions flow and you can gauge what they would/wouldn’t like quite easily when suggesting Christmas presents for another “friend”. The drawback of this method is that when you give it to them – they will remember telling you their opinion about it so may not be as “pleasantly” surprised as if you’d employed a more subtle method.

What are your ideas?

Post up your comments up on our Facebook page to share your tricks to discover what to buy your friends and family.

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