How to get what YOU want for Christmas

Last week you may have seen Joel’s Blog about what to buy others for Christmas

… well this week it’s all about how to get what YOU want for Christmas.

Other than blatantly announcing what it is you want, here are some tips to make it happen on the sly:

1)      Live through other people:

Our Head of Marketing Kristie often refers to her “TV Producer friend Kim” on all things cool. Think of that cool person in your life that your partner, close mates or family know about and talk about them using or doing the thing you want.

That way you disguise your yearning for that Christmas gift idea through that other person whom those around you know you idolise. It could even be a celebrity, doesn’t matter if you have no idea whether they have actually experienced the gift you want, either make it up or say “I reckon they would go and do that”.

2)      Be a bit strange:

Like Katy the chick completely and utterly obsessed with parsley in our TVC, display your vice (that you want a gift for) in everything that you do. Katy put parsley on absolutely everything, so she was given a cooking class to broaden her culinary horizons.

Funny TV commercials - UNique Katy

If it’s a massage that you want, act stiff and sore all the time and ask for massages. For a hair styling session with an Art Director – go out with a shocking hair do all the time, or if it’s hot laps in a V8 Race Car – threaten to buy a more powerful car so you can drive faster.

3)      Post it on your Facebook profile and get that ‘like’ action going.

If you cant think of what to post in those status updates, put a sneaky link to that Christmas Gift that you’re eying off. Reference it in your Twitter updates and even your Linkedin status! We even put a big fat hint in our email signatures - favourite experience … “Hang Gliding” it’s a great conversation starter.

Remember, keep an eye out for this little guy, which can be useful for dropping hints to your friends and family about the RedBalloon gift YOU want for Christmas…

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