What is your Christmas Style?

Here’s the scenario: Christmas is in a week and suddenly, mum and dad, who were taking care of the Christmas festivities, decided they would prefer to spend your inheritance and go on a cruise to the islands. Firstly, you think, how rude…that’s my inheritance. Secondly, what am I going to do for Christmas now? But then, a moment of clarity – you remember just how awesome you are and that you can pull off just about anything…why not have Christmas at your place? If it all goes according to plan, you will go down in history as the person who saved Christmas.

The question is – can you really do it?

Well, my friends, just answer this easy questionnaire and find out whether you’ve got what it takes it save Christmas.

The Questions

A) Your normal Christmas list contains:

  1. A list of people’s names written on the Post Office stationery set that you got from you Kris Kringle last year……….3 Points
  2. A mess of things in my head……….2 Points
  3. Budget, menu, gifts list, time line, back up budget, back up menu, back up gifts list and back up timeline……….4 Points
  4. Where do I get this ‘Christmas List’ from?……….1 Point

B) When do you start planning for Christmas:

  1. December 26…For NEXT year’s Christmas……….4 Points
  2. No planning necessary…I go wherever something in on……….1 Point
  3. November……….3 Points
  4. December……….2 Points

C) How do you decide what to buy for each of your family and friends?

  1. Divide the budget on a sliding scale depending on how long I have known the person and the strength of the relationship, then factor in peoples requests and individual tastes……….4 points
  2. If I see something I’ll get it……….2 Points
  3. I like the pressure of last minute…if someone missed out, I’ll give them a high five and a tell them how cool they are……….1 Point
  4. I have a rough idea of what people like and want……….3 Points

D) Your favourite Christmas Carol is:

  1. A Chipmunks Christmas……….1 Point
  2. It’s the most wonderful time of the year……….4 Points
  3. Jingle Bell Rock……….3 Points
  4. We wish you a merry Christmas……….2 Points

E) What state are you fairy lights in?

  1. In a drawer tangled with the extension cord and I have no idea how many lights actually work……….2 Points
  2. Back in the box that I bought them in and most lights still working………3 Points
  3. Still attached to the eaves of the house……….1 Point
  4. They are coiled up and back in the box that I bought them in so it looks like they are still brand new and all faulty globes were changed before I put them away so they should all be perfect……….4 Points

The Results

If you scored between 16 and 20:
You may as well be Santa Claus himself!! But you already knew that. So your last minute Christmas will be a snap to plan and your execution will be flawless. The only thing you need to be weary of is making sure YOU get to relax on Christmas day. Your Christmas presents were planned months ago so there is no problem in that department but if you need a little help with the menu maybe treat yourself to a BBQ and Beer cooking classs so that it can be just as perfect as the rest of your Christmas soiree.

If you scored between 11 and 15:
You are obviously keen for Christmas but you’ve never been expected to PLAN a Christmas. Fear not! Figure out what gifts you want to get for your guest, your favourite cuisine, and find a treat to add a little something extra then the rest should just fall into place.

If you scored between 6 and 10:
Ummm, how do I put this…you might be in Struggletown! Perhaps you need help with your Christmas party. But at least treat yourself for the effort you put in and remember, you planned this at the last minute. You rock like a jingle bell!

If you scored between 5 and 9:
To you, Christmas is Chocolate eggs and hot cross buns! That’s ok…your friends know this and chances are they’ll be expecting you to crack out the bunny ears. Just forget about the Christmas thing and find things to do that are just as much fun as you.

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