Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Sharing

On your birthday, it’s all about you. You get the gifts. You invite your friends. You get all the attention.

But on Valentine’s Day, it’s all about, well, the two of you.

Instead of huddling on your own sides of the bed, nibbling on your own chocolates while admiring your own bunches of roses, we’re barracking for you to get out there and spend some quality time together. Share an experience, in other words, which is probably the best way you could celebrate your relationship for Valentine’s Day, anyway.

If you’re not quite convinced, think about it like this:

  • There is no ‘i’ in love.
  • Things are twice as fun when shared.
  • And it’s much more fun to treat yourSELVES than yourself.

And if you still need a little bit of a nudge, hear what some customers have had to say in the past:

Now convinced? Here are some of our top picks for experiences you can share, making for the best Valentine’s Day gifts EVER.

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  1. maneet
    Posted May 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    thanks for a nice idea of a special valentines day

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