So, just HOW good is it working at RedBalloon

When I first started working at RedBalloon I anticipated that it would be one of two things.

  • Firstly, that it would be “Brady-Bunch” happy. An overly optimistic place, where everyone arrives in with painfully big smiles and an unpleasant word has never been uttered.
  • Or on the other hand, that it could never be as good as it sounds! I mean flexible working hours, Friday breakfasts, and 2000 experiences at your finger tips…seriously?

Well for all those people that are inclined to agree with me, I have some news for you! It is that good. So what suddenly makes it SO good that I’m compelled to tell everyone about it?

RedBalloon is and has always been a fan of setting goals (personal goals, team goals, company goals, Christmas goals…the list goes on. I DID say RedBalloon is a fan!) With this in mind, the challenge was set. We called it 54 by 24; as in, 54% growth by the 24th December. And as always, there would be a sweet treat at the end if we reached it. The reward was an extra day of summer. That means, 250 points each to spend on an experience of our choice AND a day off to enjoy it. (Points being equivalent to dollars that we spend at, but awarded in our points based reward and recognition program).
Now, this wouldn’t be much of a story if we didn’t achieve it. *Pause to accept applause.* So let me get into the good bit and tell you all about MY extra day of summer.

I chose to take my day on a Friday late in January so that the weather would be burning hot (and conveniently the week before Australia day. WHOO!) Anyway, I needed the weather to be perfect because I was going kayaking just south of Sydney.

Practice before we hit the water

Yep, it was just as amazing as it looks. Pristine, clear water. Warm, soft sand (none of that course, grainy rubbish that I’d become accustomed to). And blue sky for as far as you could see. But here’s something they don’t tell you in the brochure…paddling hurts! It’s ok; I had that covered with the most deluxe half hour massage back in town. With the crisp white walls, Peppermint tea and that ambient music they all play that doesn’t seem to have a beginning or an end, it was the most perfect way to relax (white robe and all!)

The White Robe

So far RedBalloon is sounding pretty darn good isn’t it? After all, everything just mentioned above does make it a pretty good place to work. But RedBalloon isn’t good…it’s great! And here’s the cherry on top. A Steak dinner! No, wait. Not just a steak dinner. A steak platter. Two levels of pure protein that consisted of ribs, cutlets, skewers, chorizo’s, mignons, fresh oysters, oysters Kilpatrick, chicken, and prawns. Then when you are just about to roll out of there they ask you if you’re ready for dessert. My jaw it the floor! But it was vanilla panna cotta and chocolate fondant. How could I say no? So I literally walked out of there in the best agony I’ve ever felt.

The Feast

I don’t like being one of those people that claim to have the best of everything but in this case, I think RedBalloon comes pretty close to ‘The best’.

I would love to hear of AMAZING things you’ve done at/for work.

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