A Helicopter Flight in Sydney

Having two of my best friends come down from the outback (metropolitan Brisbane) for the weekend I wanted to show them the sights of Sydney in a way they wouldn’t quickly forget. What could be better than a RedBalloon helicopter flight experience?

After a big day helping the girls shop at Queen Victoria Building in the city it was time to head for the heliport. We were welcomed by a really friendly fellow called Craig and watched as another group took off. At this point in time my palms were dripping and my heart was starting to beat quite a bit faster. I reflected that there is a reason I’ve never been in a helicopter before.. I’m terrified of heights! I tried to hold myself together and stay composed though as it was very clear Angela and Michelle were also very terrified (see evidence below!)

Shivering in their boots! well.. sandals, anyway

We took off and after a few minutes over suburbia we were cruising along the coast past some iconic Sydney beaches. We picked a spectacular day for the flight – maybe it was the anti-rain dance I asked Michelle & Angela to do a little earlier on the week when the weather forecast was ‘chance of showers’.

What a beautiful day!

I had quickly forgotten my fear of heights as the pilot James gave us some great running commentary about the sights we were seeing, and even told us some stories of midair marriage proposals. A very romantic notion but I can’t even imagine how awkward it would be if the answer was no! That being said, I was beginning to realise I know very little about the city I live in – but I had chosen a fantastic way to learn a bit more!

The two Sydney icons

We flew in past South Head and circled the harbor – the views of the harbour bridge and the opera house were spectacular from 1000ft!

Flying back the way we came in we got some more spectacular views of the coastline and after landing Craig was nice enough to take some Happy snaps of us infront of the chopper.

Us after the experience!

All I can say is … what a day!

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