Jemma Discovers Jervis Bay – Day 1

With my brother and his wife over from the UK, I really wanted to get them out of the city and amongst the natural beauty of Australia. So with the relentless ‘I want to see a kangaroo’ chant ringing in my ears, I considered my options.

Having been to the Jervis Bay area several times before, I was pretty sure I could find at least a wallaby to satisfy them (as on my last trip there was one on the Green Patch beach and I’m certain he was eating a banana he stole from someone’s picnic, so chances of him reoffending were high).

After a spot of research on RedBalloon I was feeling confident in my choice and figured I was likely to hit jackpot if in addition we stayed the night as guests of Mother Nature herself.

Little did I know I was about to discover a side of Jervis Bay I never knew existed…

We booked in for two nights of luxury camping and on the first afternoon my Brother and his wife arrived early to get accustomed to their luxury tent and to scope out the nature as the sun went down. A big Goana was the first animal to cross their path and as my partner and I arrived very late from Sydney, we woke up to hear all their nature stories at breakfast including, “I think there was a Kangaroo in our shower last night”. But still no confirmed sighting.

Our luxury camp amongst the trees.

Breakfast was delicious, special note to try the homemade Granola as it is fabulous, and we were off to discover the bay. My brother and his wife had booked the package that included sailing. I felt that I knew the bay pretty well and we didn’t need to go sailing but as we approached the supplier of the sailing company the temptation was too much! It sounded incredible, the sun was out and I sensed there was some serious fun to be had.

We were welcomed aboard the luxury sailing catamaran by the friendly and passionate crew and as we set sail the skipper told us we were heading to Target beach right on the other side of the bay. This absolutely untouched and pristine beach is only accessible by boat and only once you are out on the water do you appreciate just how vast and stunning Jervis Bay Marine Park is. With no commercial vessels permitted, it’s just vast sparkling turquoise water as far as you can see.

The pristine waters of Jervis Bay Marine Park.

On our way to the beach we kept a keen look out for dolphins as we sat on the trampolines on the front of the catamaran, enjoying a cheese and dip platter as we sailed. On arrival at Target Beach the snorkelling gear was brought out and we all jumped at the chance to cool off in the water. After snorkelling and swimming to shore we spent some time sitting on the beach just absorbing the beauty around us.

After returning to the boat, lunch was provided and the champagne and beers we bought were cracked and we set sail for Huskisson. As we cruised in the sunshine we came across a two seals floating in the water trying to cool down from their migration. It was an amazing end to an incredible cruise and we all came ashore having loved it.

Enjoying a drink onboard the catamaran.

After telling Matt, the owner of the business how much we loved the cruise, he suggested we come back the next day and check out his ‘Extreme’ boat for an Eco dolphin watch cruise which was ‘totally different’ and on which he promised us we would see the Blue Mountains on water! Intrigued we confirmed and retired to our luxury camp amongst the trees for afternoon drinks and a photo review.

Dinner at the Gunyah restaurant was the highlight of the evening and after three courses of fresh and inspiring Modern Australian cuisine we were ready for a bath under the stars and then bed.

Check out my next blog post to find out about what we got up to on Day 2.

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