Jemma Discovers Jervis Bay – Day 2

Day 2 of my trip to Jervis Bay. Read about Day 1 here.

We awoke to the birds and the light piercing the tent and arrived at my brother’s tent to find them both bright eyed and full of excitement because not one but a WHOLE FAMILY of kangaroos had been right outside their tent all morning! JACKPOT!!!!!

Following another great breakfast we checked out and headed off to board the Extreme back at Huskisson.

Us and the Extreme.

This boat is slick and fast and the owner promised us we would find dolphins, go swimming and see sites that would amaze us, all in the space of two hours! Within about 10 mins we were cruising right alongside a pod of 10 or more dolphins – including baby dolphins! The engines were cut and we just listened to them breathing as we drifted alongside them.

As we started up the engines we jetted diagonally across the bay to yet another white powdery sand untouched beach where the boat actually pulled up on the sand and we all got out on to the beach and had the option to have a quick swim.

Back in the boat and we were off again, this time around to Point Perpendicular where the Blue Mountains of the sea were to be revealed. Having seen the Blue Mountains I didn’t think it was possible that anything looked like them on the coast. How wrong I was! A majestic sight rose to meet us, amazing limestone sea-battered cliffs that looked just like the three sisters. We were lucky enough to have a completely flat day so went spent some time exploring up close and the sea caves beneath them.

The amazing, limestone sea-battered cliffs.

I had absolutely no idea that any of this existed. It’s not until you get out on the water that you discover why this beautiful area is so fiercely protected.

I am definitely going back for whale season and would recommend all three of these brilliant experiences wholeheartedly.

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