Sky Diving Tandem Over the Beach – Cairns

What a fantastic experience.

Being from the UK, I waited 27 years to do this in Australia as my dream experience and it was all I hoped for, and then some!

Right from the off the staff were fun, friendly, professional, and most importantly, made sure all participants felt assured and in safe hands.  The site was clean and tidy with swimming pool, table tennis, sofas/tv and drinks/snacks available. Lockers were also provided but the atmosphere was relaxed enough that I didn’t feel it necessary.  All equipment seemed new or well maintained, and not once did I feel in any doubts about the safety of the supplier.

The staff’s proud boast of a great safety record coupled with stories on their thousands of jumps over many years of their vast array of dives (worldwide) assured us very well. The optional DVD and pictures of the dive I purchased were very well edited to music and captured my experience perfectly, although I did feel a little pricey.

As you may have guessed I cannot speak highly enough of this experience! And when you land you want to go up and jump again and again.  Exhilarating, fun-fuelled excitement, which is easily addictive and leaves me preparing my next jump!

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