Customer service bloopers

There are very few facts of life that we all agree on. One of them is that no matter who you are, you make mistakes.

If you’re a Doctor, your errors might be life threatening.
If you’re a Business owner, your error might cause bankruptcy.
If you’re a fire fighter, you might let a house burn down.

If you’re a Customer Experience consultant, you get it easy.
Some of your errors will result in light hearted laughs from the people around you (and bemusement from the person on the other end of the line).
But those errors will also be recounted in chain emails and eventually make their way into a blog. This is that blog, and these are the top 5 verbal slipups I’ve had the pleasure of hearing or making. Welcome to my world!

5. ‘‘Welcome to Customer Care.. I’m getting on the bus’’

4. ‘‘Can I have your policy number so I can get the party started’’

3. “Welcome to custard resolutions “ (rather than customer relations)

2. ‘’Love you bye’’

And coming in at number 1 from yours truly when writing this very blog today;

1. “Do you mind if I hold you for a moment? I mean, do you mind holding. Oh dear.”

Do you mind if I hold you for a moment?

So what can we learn from the above?

Statistically, scientists studying this data found that an equal number of humorous mistakes were made by females and males. Despite what my ex girlfriends proclaim, male Customer Experience consultants are no more likely to make errors than the females of their species.

I’ve also learnt not to read my public transport timetable, organize social gatherings, consider my next meal or think about loved ones while helping people with their enquiries. I hope you take away something from these lessons too.

(*Names changed to protect the innocent embarrassed)

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  1. Jeanette Krah
    Posted June 4, 2011 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    I have a craft business on Facebook called “Krah-fters”
    My spelling isn’t that great and most of the time I use spell check to correct it. However this one time I said to a customer thanks for the Complaints instead of Compliments. Opps!! Lucky they had a scene of humor :-)
    So I finally get to see the face behind my lovely customer service man, Doug!! Nice :-)

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