Kasey and the Chocolate Factory

It was a day out on the town for the RedBalloon Retail team! We were immediately greeted by Sylvia who was very welcoming and we were excited to be in a commercial kitchen, surrounded by professional equipment and so much chocolate.

Sylvia is a true professional; passionate and dedicated to educating our palettes with fine chocolate, not ‘confectionary’.  After we were adequately educated we were put to work, melting and tempering chocolate before pouring into moulds.

I have always wondered how the soft centre chocolate’s were made, not only do I know how, I have done it myself.  About half way through Sylvia made us all a 70% cocoa hot chocolate ‘heavenly’ before getting back to work on part two, chocolate truffles and a handmade chocolate basket.

Sylvia provided us with wrapping, boxes and bows to arrange our handmade chocolate to take home. I shared mine with my family, and all were amazed at my new found skills, some still sceptical that I made these delicacies myself.

A most memorable experience and a new found skill that I will cherish, especially at Easter.

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