The joke’s on you, Dad.

This year in addition to giving your Dad a RedBalloon experience, we thought perhaps it was time you gave him a dose of the Dad jokes he has sent your way over the years. You know the ones which you returned with a glare and a head tilt as you were perplexed by his lack of understanding about what constitutes a genuinely funny joke.

Well, here’s our list of favs for various moments throughout the day:

The morning
You: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
Dad: Thank you, kiddo! How are you going today?
You: By Bus

Discussing Father’s Day dinner
You: Dad, given this is your special day, what would you like for dinner?
Dad: Hmmm, I feel like a roast chicken.
You: That’s funny, you don’t look like one!

At the shops
Dad: You can’t park here, this parking space has been allocated for babies.
You: Don’t be silly, Dad… Babies can’t drive cars.

Relaxing in the afternoon
Dad: Should I put the kettle on?
You: Do you think it will suit you?

At dinner
Dad: I’m thirsty, can you get your old man a beer?
You: Hi Thirsty, I’m Hungry.

Time For bed
Dad: Can you put the dog out?
You: I didn’t know he was on fire!

We hope these give your Dad a taste of what you have endured over the years. Who knows, he may turn a corner and start telling a joke you actually laugh at.

Do you have a favourite Father’s Day joke? If so, leave a comment, we’d love to hear them!

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