Americas Cup Sailing

RedBalloon is all about making memorable experience so when the opportunity arose for us to occupy two Americas Cup Yachts, separate in to teams and race each other, there was no way we were going to miss it.

We were met by our professional crew who were going to put us to work and (for my team) lead us to victory.

Upon boarding we were all amazed by how huge the yacht was and how many “gadgets” there were to play with. Although, it wasn’t long before we were briefed on said gadgets and that there wouldn’t be much ‘playing’ with them; more working with them.

We were pulling away from the wharf, during our safety brief, which made being completely attentive, not all that easy. As we made our way out of Darling Harbour and passed Luna Park we were floored at how dwarfing the Harbour Bridge made us feel. This is no mean feat on a 24 meter vessel with 350 square meters of sail! What an experience to see all these icons from a perspective and atmosphere that is usually reserved for the rich and famous!

Before passing under the bridge we did a couple of laps of the bay to get our sails up and this is where we began the hard work. Getting the mail sail up is a two person job and another four people just to get it in the right direction! It required us all to use a winding device then gear down when we couldn’t wind it any more.

Once on the other side of the bridge, the race was on!

For those that had a moment away from working on the sails, it was the perfect opportunity for some happy snaps.

The real salty sailors, however, were putting in some serious hard yards.

If you have ever been racing across the water like this, you will probably notice the lean of the yacht in this photo as well as all the white water.  For the people that were taking a break from working on the sails, they could sit on the lower edge of the yacht here and get wet bums! That’s how much of a lean we were on! Whereas the high side was so far in the air it was like flying!

At the end of our race we all sat and basked in the most perfect sunset over Sydney.

What a perfect end to a perfect race.

And in case you were wondering, this is what winning looks like:

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