Gift of Thanks winner review, Alexandra McMahon

One of ten winners in the RedBallon Gift of Thanks competition was Alexandra McMahon, who shared the story of a school trip to Japan where she extended a helping hand to an elderly man who was accompanying the students on their trip. You can read Alexandra’s entry here.

Alexandra won a RedBalloon experience to the value of $500, and she decided to fling herself out of a plane! Here’s how it all went down. Literally.

With my RedBalloon gift voucher I chose to skydive the beach in Brisbane. I even convinced a friend to skydive with me. Unfortunately we had a day of bad weather, and we were forced to settle with the disappointment that we wouldn’t get to jump that day. So, naturally our excitement on the rescheduled day didn’t officially kick in until we were all harnessed up and heading to the plane - for fear that the weather might be cruel to us again. But to our relief everything kept moving forward. Before we knew it we were flying up high, and it seemed like all of a sudden we reached heights of 14000ft, and the plane door was being opened beside me. Excitement flowing through my veins, this was actually about to happen. The tandem master gave me the signal to swing my legs outside of the plane, him attached firmly to my back via harness, we made a leap from the plane.

As we were freefalling for 60 seconds, nothing but pure adrenaline rushed through me. Not to mention the views were amazing. Sadly the freefalling had to come to an end as we reached 5000ft the parachute was pulled and we were hurled upwards as the air caught us. Although parachuting to the ground was fun, nothing compared to the feeling of freefalling. As we landed on the beach, I knew in my mind that I would have to come back to do it all again soon. It was definitely an amazing experience, the tandem masters were extremely friendly and a bit hilarious, making the skydive that much more thrilling. I would definitely recommend skydiving at jump the beach brisbane. I plan to skydive there again soon. BEWARE…once you experience the feeling of freefalling, you will want more!!

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