RedBalloon Celebrates Christmas, 80s style…

What do you get when you cross lawn bowls, prawn kebabs and Rambo? The RedBalloon 2011 Christmas party of course!

On a sunny afternoon in Waverley we got our retro on. We decked ourselves in anything fluro we could find, with mullet wigs, leotards and leg warmers, and rolled a few balls down the green.

But why would I sit here and describe it all to you, when I can show you how the evening unfolded. In full colour…

With special appearances from Mario & Luigi, the Ghost Busters, Poita (Full Frontal), rubix cube, Jane Fonda, Rambo and Andre Agassi (with hair and without) – we give you, the 2011 RedBalloon Christmas Party. Hold on to your handbag…

Thanks to Bar-Be School for putting on a fantastic evening with their BBQ, Beer and Barefoot Bowls

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