First item on the agenda: Belly Dancing

Taking inspiration from the Sydney Festival, the RedBalloon For Corporate team hosted our first company meeting for 2012 last week. And aside from learning that we gave thousands of Aussies and Kiwis a memorable festive season with loads of RedBalloon experiences ordered, we also “learnt” how to belly dance!

What goes on behind that big red door I hear you ask? Well, here at RedBalloon we like to bring in the New Year with a bang! And really, is there any better way to do that than by shaking your tail feather among workmates? Probably, but we don’t care, because it was great fun!

When Stephanie from Ballacize (above) was introduced, at first I thought it was RedBallooner Gilbo in sequins, again. Thankfully Stephanie was a trained professional, and after a mesmerising show of her tummy twirling tricks, it was our turn!

From Roneel’s enviable rhythmic technique to Joel’s shimmy hip-thrust combo, Stephanie got us up and dancing with some Bollywood-inspired moves. We picked apples, made chapatis, and did something else that looked more like the nutbush than any Brett Lee Bollywood film I’ve ever seen.

Doug and I making some delicious chapatis…

And as if to rub in the fact that we all probably overdid things during Christmas, the section where we had try out a traditional belly dance – shall we call it “shake and wobble” – combo, had me thinking “Great, I’m glad we had carbs for lunch.”

All in all a very memorable company meeting – even if all I took out of it was the mental image of RedBallooner James in a head scarf doing the sprinkler.

Inspired? Why not put the hard word on your workplace to bring in the New Year with a bang (followed by a bit of a wobble in my case…)

Thanks to Stephanie from Bellacize for helping us get our 2012 mojo flowing!

Thanks to the Corporate Team for putting on a great company meeting to kick of 2012 in style. Looking good guys…

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