The Great Pyrmont Easter Egg Hunt

What’s better than a sunny Friday morning in the RedBalloon office I hear you ask? Well add to that equation delicious Darrell Lea easter eggs scattered around a park and 15 eager and hungry RedBallooners and you’ve got yourself a party!

This morning we embarked upon Wentworth Park to sample the brand new RedBalloon gift box from Darrell Lea – the Easter Egg Hunt Box!

We were ready and willing to put our bodies on the line in the name of hollow chocolatey goodness, and for five intense minutes we scoured a section of the park like hormonal women in the midst of a sugar craving.

“Oh no, I trod on one!”

“I saw it first, give it to me!”

“Jay, stop hitting me with the stick.”

“I can’t reach it, lift me up.”

…came the cries of enthusiastic and excited RedBallooners amidst strange glances from commuters backed up on Wentworth Park Road.

And aside from the wet grass, various footwear malfunctions and negotiating the best path to the hordes of chocolate while avoiding stick-wielding RedBallooner Jay, it was a great way to kick off the end of the working week!

A big thanks to RedBallooners Ally, Thi and Bec for hiding all the eggs, even if some were a little tricky to reach…

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