Life at RedBalloon, the film!

You’ll often read on this blog how great it is to work at RedBalloon. You’ll see employee reviews from all of the amazing experiences we’ve had, and light-hearted depictions of what life is like behind the big red door.

But I was taught that it’s always better to show people than to tell them. So our amazing Employee Experience team have created a brand new “Life at RedBalloon” video – now you can really see what we’ve been going on about all this time.

The video is designed to give you a sneak peek into the world of a RedBallooner and what it means to live the values of Integrity, Generosity, Leadership, Sense of Humour & Fun and being a Little Dog with a BIG dog personality!

And to let you in on a little secret…we’re hiring! So after you’ve swooned over the video and all of the really, really, ridiculously good-looking people who work at RedBalloon, check out our Careers Page for more info on the current positions we have up for grabs.

You never know, you might be starring in the next video!

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