Our Chief Storyteller starts a new chapter

On Friday we farewelled (from the office at least), our corporate Account Director and “Chief Storyteller” Arielle.

Arielle has been a RedBallooner since 2006 after coming across from her and her husband’s skate school (Kman) – a RedBalloon supplier! You can see Arielle’s “RedBalloon journey” depicted below in her various business cards and a timeline, tracking promotions from “Pleasure Relations” consultant (now customer experience) to become a foundation member of the corporate team.

Arielle is moving to the North Coast of NSW seeking a sea change, but thanks to our amazing flexible work options she’ll continue as part of the RedBalloon family, working (very) remotely.

  • 2005 – Kman Skate School became a RedBalloon supplier and we received hundreds of RedBalloon bookings for skateboard lessons for kids and families from all over the world which really helped grow our business and brand.
  • 2006 – I started as a RedBalloon Pleasure Relations Consultant which was a great conversation starter at BBQs!
  • 2009 – RedBalloon for Corporate needed an Account Executive and I gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: me!
  • 2010 – After generating leads for the Account Managers for over a year it was time for me to step up and manage my own accounts
  • 2011  – During an interview Naomi called me RedBalloon’s “Chief Storyteller” and the title stuck! I have been storytelling ever since and assisting clients with employee engagement, employer branding, sales and marketing campaigns as an Account Director.
  • 2012 – Time for a sea change as I head up the coast to live in the quiet sea-side town of Pottsville. Fortunately, I’ll still be a RedBallooner!

Good luck Arielle, and make sure you test drive lots of experiences up there!

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