Ready for a mini break?

So it’s that time of year, again. That time where your Christmas/New Year holiday is a distant memory but we are too far away from the next one to start a countdown. We start to lose a bit of energy because winter has well and truly set in and all we can think about is how fantastic we were feeling in the summer months when we could get amongst the great outdoors.

That is why I’m here to tell you about the beauty of a “mini break”. As RedBallooners, we are massive fans of the mini break because 1. We are all about making memories, 2. We have incredible getaways at our fingertips on the site and 3. It’s only mini! That means we don’t need to use up all (or any) of our leave.

Here is Naomi’s account of a mini break that she took in November 2010 that I’m sure will get you all keen to start packing:

“One of the fabulous parts of my role is visiting and experiencing the amazing range of experiences that RedBalloon has to offer. This weekend my colleague Georgia and I visited a brand new supplier… and what a delight.

I have never before been to a Health Retreat… in fact I was a little unsure of what to expect. I knew that to maximize the results of the ‘retreat’ part of it would be to unplug for the weekend. No phones, TVs or laptop.  I liked the fact that I knew that I was truly away from the world.

Gwinganna Weekend Health Retreat – Is a perfect introduction to a healthy lifestyle… habits of which could form and stay with you. (like always having a water bottle with you)

Things that surprised me:

  • I had never done boxing before… very rewarding.
  • How much you can do before an 8.00am breakfast (a 10k hike) and feel fabulous all day
  • What a luxury it is to not have to declare to the waitress ‘no wheat no dairy’
  • To discover that there are 33 treatment rooms in the Gwinganna spa
  • To meet other guests who are equally committed to a life style change.
  • How fabulously one sleeps with the sounds of the bush – after fabulous food (99.8% organic)…
  • The colour and taste of truly healthy food (and lot’s of it)

Whilst this is a Health Retreat the facilities appear like a resort. And it really is very indulgent to have such amazing facilities at your beck and call all day.

This was a perfect weekend recharge. And I came back feeling fabulous and ready for this week.”


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