Cupcakes Ahoy!

If there’s one thing you need to know about the Customer Experience Team here at RedBalloon is that we’re all addicts. Sugar Addicts that is!
So what better way is there to celebrate the glory of sugar than doing the Cupcake Making Workshop followed by a Modern High Tea at Sparkle Cupcakery in Surry Hills? What does a day of high impact sugar look like? Deliciousness.


The day started off with our fab instructor Jason who taught us the fine art of baking. Mixing in the flour, eggs and sugar (of course) with various other ingredients Jason helped us to get the perfect Sparkle cupcake.

Licking the bowl clean.

Once in the Oven the real fun really began. Because a cupcake without icing or decoration is really just a muffin, right? Our token Guy in CE, Ben got to do some good ol’ Fondant Rolling which resulted in some amazing shapes and colours to decorate our little beauties.

Go Token Male!

Jason first demonstrated how to get the signature Sparkle Cupcake look with a crown of white icing- and then essentially told us to go nuts, bringing out multi coloured sprinkles, icing colours and chocolates. While some of us went the more traditional path, needless to say the craziness that ensured meant that in the end some cupcakes were more icing than cake- just the way God intended.

Jason's Perfect Creations

Once our Cupcake Workshop was over we settled in to an amazing Modern High Tea – complete with sandwiches, flavoured popcorn, macaron sticks, caramelized apples and of course cupcakes.

Yay for Sugar Highs!

At the end of a fun filled, sugar crazed day we all have a box of 6 self decorated cupcakes to take home and all vow to start our health kicks…tomorrow.

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  1. Leilani
    Posted September 18, 2012 at 2:53 pm | Permalink

    I will inquire on if they have a cupcake workshop because their place is accessible. The colors of the cupcakes that you made looks pretty and the final product came out nicely.

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