Huskies, Huskies, Huskies!

Let it be said. My Husband is a lucky man. Last year for his birthday we went Husky Dog Sledding in the Hunter Valley (as he’s a huuuuge dog lover) and of course he wasn’t going without me!

A Rousing Greeting

We turned up bright and early to the property in Belford to a rousing chorus of excited barks, yelps and howls. The 20 Siberian and Alaskan Huskies knew we were here for 1 thing and that 1 thing meant: Racing. The dogs were beside themselves as Anne and Donal  carefully put the harnesses on the dogs and hitched them up to the sleds. The dogs were beside themselves with excitement- but the highlight was 1 little Siberian Husky; Arwen, who practically ‘dressed herself’ and calmly stepped into her harness with lady like precision. The dogs themselves are not your standard pet Huskies – but were all muscle and true athletes, having competed in national and international competitions.

Clever Arwen

Anne and Donal decided that Chris and I would have a race, the Larger, Faster Alaskan Huskies vs the Smaller, but stamina driven long distance Siberian Huskies. Once the lead dogs were harnessed we were told to hold on tight as the dogs could reach speeds of 40km at top speed. And they were not kidding.

The calm before the storm

Once the go ahead was given through voice command to the lead dog we were off like rockets speeding through the bush. The whole time Anne and Donal were giving directions purely by vocal commands which was amazing to see – especially the connection they had with their teams.

Chris = Rocket Dog Sled

Chris and I swapped teams half way through and that’s when you could really feel the difference between the 2 types of huskies giving it their all. The whole ride went for about 45 minutes and by the end the dogs were happy and completely and utterly run out. Apparently the guys have to run the dogs at least once a week or they get depressed (!) as they love it so much. Once back at camp the whole gang are fed a combination of Gatorade and Tuna (yum) to replace the lost energy during their morning sprints which is readily devoured in a heartbeat.

Alaskan Huskies

After the dogs were all fed and watered Anne and Donal treated us to a homecooked breakfast and we all had a good ol’ chat where they were happy to talk about their animals, the sport of husky dog sledding as well as any further questions we had in regards to the day. Needless to say the whole experience was absolutely incredible especially when you see the respect that the guys at Malusky have for their dogs and the training involved to keep them healthy and happy. A must do for the winter months in the Hunter and an excellent choice for brownie points with the other half (apparently on that day I was the best wife in the world-go me!).

All Run out!

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