RedBalloon takes on the City2Surf

Want to know how Alyce went from 0 training to 14km…? Here’s her story:

A gang of RedBallooners went out to conquer the great race the – the City2Surf!

Some were more than ready, having trained for months before, with their well sculpted calves and tight athletic pants. Others not so prepared. I was the latter…ahh fitness is just a state of mind right! 14 kms: how hard could it be.


We decided to all meet up before hand,and although we were all wearing our bright RedBalloon T-shirts, we were certainly not standing out in the crowd. Runners dressing up as sunscreen, 70′s athletes (there were some daring splits in shorts), several jogging platypus and some very energetic smurfs all played a part in creating the great City2Surf atmosphere. But lets not forget the people not running/jogging/crawling, the brass bands playing, and all those people cheering from the sidelines (I really don’t know how you can consistently scream, way to go! Aussies, Aussie,AUSSIE ! Wohoo! yeah!..but it was appreciated) As was the group on their balconies nursing beers on their bellies screaming..”come on keep movin’ it’s not that hard”.. “run forest run”

Well I did run. For most of it…well until there was a slight incline. My knees were certainly feeling it, but somehow I managed to carry on. I think there is something about running with thousands of people. I couldn’t help that little bit of competiveness coming out. (That’s right buddy! That wind that brushed past and flash of red…that was me.)
Another extra motivation was watching all the people involved. I saw people jogging at a quick pace wearing heart stent T-shirts. And I am not lieing when I tell you that a grey-haired, 70 year old in skins rushed past me. (I think I need to consider working out more.) As well as a dad that was pushing past everyone with a toddler and pram in tow.

Beach Shot - Finish line

Not everyone was going at record breaking speed though. Some were just enjoying being outdoors and having a nice stroll. Although it seemed everyone was relieved to see the water and gatorade stands. There was a hilarious little girl spruiking “come get these cups..this is the best cup of water in the world”  At that point, it really was. Every time I would  see those blue flags that let me know I was progressing and the kms slowly creeped up. 7 kms you have got to be kidding me! I was praying for more flat road and the view of bondi.

With the last 3 km flag in sight and the brilliant blue ocean, mixed with the smell of salt and B.O., I knew the end was near. I’m not sure about any one else who raced, but the end slog with the gates and people, I somehow got a huge energy kick and felt like jets were attached to my shoes (Yes, cheering onlookers, I have been running this fast the entire race) past the finish line. I felt like an absolute champion, even recieving a medal at the end (well everyonee did), but I felt a great sense of achievement. I had finished the City2Surf.  I even ran a bit. I really enjoyed that  feeling…not so much the aching muscles that followed. I developed a waddle and bent legs that looked like I had been riding bare back for a fortnight (so that’s why people do that thing “training”). Overall it was worth it, and all my fellow RedBallooners agreed. A great challenge and something anyone can do (no matter how old or unfit). I will be definately be training for next year and trying to beat that record breaking time I set (I don’t think that will be difficult)

If you didn’t get involved this time around, not to worry, there is always next year. I might see you there.

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