Boat for a Day

Originally published on Mummy Smiles Blog, by Natalie

How many times have you moaned, “But he’s so haaaaard to buy for!” or “He already has everything he wants.”

I have the solution!

Daddy Smiles is a wonderful Dad and husband. He works hard for his family, and rarely wants for anything. However for as long as I have known him, he has dreamed about owning his own boat (some of our earliest memories together are of water-skiing up the Brisbane River with friends!). But it’s just not something that I can justify at the moment. I have promised him “one day”, but in the mean time I thought

I’d surprise him with a little adventure to celebrate Father’s Day!

RedBalloon offers a huge variety of adventures and experiences that will appeal to anyone and everyone. So I couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than being able to give Daddy Smiles his very own boat … for a day!

We picked up the boat from Seaworld Resort, and after a quick run down on how to drive the boat and anchor it, we were off!

Daddy Smiles was as happy as a pig in mud!

We cruised the canals and admired all the incredible million-dollar houses with their helipads sitting out the front! And then we spied a beautiful park with a little playground, so Daddy Smiles showed Fred how to take us there. He insisted we call him Captain Fred!

We stopped for some morning tea (we had packed a picnic), and the kids had a run around and a quick toilet stop before climbing back aboard.

We could not have asked for a more perfect day. The water was flat, the sky was blue, and the sun was just warm enough to keep us comfortable. The boat was a little half-cabin, which meant that there was a section at the front which was completely shaded. It gave us a little bit more space if the kids got ants in their pants. It also had a little door that flipped open so they could poke their heads up and still see where we were heading.

I was so impressed with how Lucy handled it all. I was worried she wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to enjoy it, but she was content to watch the water splashing up the sides, and the birds flying past. However, the gentle rocking of the boat soon found her starting to fight the Zzzzzzs.

So I bundled her up on my lap and she had a little kip as we headed to our next destination.

There is nothing better when you are on a boat than having fresh seafood for lunch! And they don’t come any fresher than buying straight off the trawler, caught the night before. These prawns were the tastiest, yummiest prawns I have ever eaten! Look at our little boat in the background, just waiting patiently for us!

The kids had this whole stretch of beach to themselves, so after lunch they dug in the sand, made castles, had a swim and ran around and around and around!

We had a little bit more time before we had to deliver the boat back at 4pm, so decided to find one more deserted beach for us to explore – which really wasn’t all that hard! There are beaches and little pockets of solitude around every corner! After a beautiful day on the water, it was so nice to just sit back and relax and watch the kids enjoy themselves. Lucy has learnt how to be SuperWoman so she started “flying” right up the beach. It was so nice to not have to to worry about other people, or dogs, or cars – to just let her be.

The kids were happy to splash in the little waves, and then one last time, we boarded our boat, not quite believing that the day had gone by so quickly.

It was just such a wonderful day. No stress, happy children, and a very happy husband. I told him that this was an early Father’s Day present and he said it was the best way he could think of to spend a day with his family. I reflected on how nice it was to be able to give him just a little bit of his dream. He may not own a boat yet, but for one day at least, he did.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Smiles xxx

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