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We love living life in the fast lane here in the Seven Cherubs house, so it was with this in mind that RedBalloon and I decided to give Matt a V8 Racing Super Car Combo Package for Father’s Day. After all he is a Super Dad to our seven children, knows how to quickly catch a child when needed and is used to living life with his foot to the floor with a family of nine to take care of. Surely speeding around a race track would be a walk in the park compared to some of the crazy moments he has endured as a wonderful father to our cherubs and especially twin boys!

The Gift
For the race package that Matt took part in he was treated to 8 self-drive laps around the circuit and then 3 laps in the hot seat as a passenger with a professional driver taking him around the track at full speed.

The Training
We headed out to Willow Bank Raceway {Brisbane} and as soon as we arrived Matt was guided over to Pit Lane and given his racing suit. Once he was dressed and ready to race he headed into the Orientation Room to receive training. This was where Matt thought he might view a safety video but was delighted to be given some training by an experienced driver on car handling, how to take the corners, braking and general information about the track. Basically, he was given knowledge and skills on how to get the most out of his racing car driving experience.

The Experience
Once he was trained and suited up he was ready to go! Before jumping in the car you get to choose to drive a Holden or Ford V8. The line up in the Holden section was packed and the Ford section was empty so Matt chose to jump in a Ford so he did not have to wait longer, even though he really wanted to drive a Holden. Once it is your turn to drive, you are strapped in tightly, introduced to your personal in-car coach and then ready to take on the track!

Matt started off feeling very cautious but loved having a coach to show him the fastest way around the track and to give him tips when he was driving. The in-car coach really helps you to push the car you are driving further and Matt described the whole experience as exhilarating and exciting. He mentioned it was a surprise to hear the coach say, ‘Floor It’ and it took a second for him to register that yes, he could really floor it!

As a spectator I thought it was fun to stand on the side of the tracks watching a family member speed around. I loved the noise and imagining the nerves and thrill of those driving at high speeds. Often when the cars returned to Pit Lane the brakes were smoking and everyone jumped out of their cars with a big smile on their faces. We found booking through RedBalloon a wonderful, smooth experience and look forward to future adventures we have planned in the next six months.

As an extra option you can also chose to have your experience recorded for a small fee and above is a screenshot of the example you receive. A recording of you driving and the track at the same time. Matt loved showing it to the kids and talking them through the experience.

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