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Recently an insanely awesome email landed in my inbox asking if I’d like to be an official RedBalloon Experience Blogger as part of their RedBalloon Mums campaign. Ummmm lemme think about that for a minute… HELLS YES!

Over the next six months I’ll be sampling a range of cool experiences and sharing them with you and I can’t wait. I’ve chosen one that involves wine (of course), one that involves pampering, and two that involve things I’ve always wanted to do but have been too chicken. Any guesses?

First up this weekend was my pamper morning. Now I am by no means a morning person, particularly not on my designated sleep in day, but I was at the day spa ten minutes before they opened I was so eager. My beauty therapist Amanda asked if I wanted to grab something from the café next door, but a stack of magazines had my name on it. Hey, I don’t get out much, OK?

I filled out my client form (that shameful part where you admit to sleeping in your makeup some nights and not using an eye cream) and it felt like aaaages before I was called through. It was in fact about four minutes. Can you tell I was champing at the bit? It’s been over four years since my last facial. I used to be a bit of a pamper-junkie in my beauty therapy days – one of the perks of the job was that I could get them for free. So going from monthly to nothing when I left the industry was a big shock to the system. Maybe that’s where my glow went?

On making my way in to the treatment room it was all I could do not to let out a squeal of delight. Simple and gorgeous. Unlike me in my snazzy get up. I looked more like I was about to enter a poultry factory.

But for the next hour or so I didn’t care what I looked like as I lay there, being covered in exquisite lotions and potions, having an amazing glycolic peel (so gentle – no beetroot look with a glycolic peel) and having the knots in my shoulders pummeled out. I’m pretty sure I started drooling, but hey, at least I didn’t start snoring.

I’ve never really understood why I love it so much. Perhaps because there is something just so unbelievably decadent about someone taking that much time and care to wash your face? Or maybe because the products are definitely not found on my budget bathroom shelves?

When it was all over I was practically catatonic. I considered protesting the request to get up off the bed, but figured being escorted out by security wearing nothing but a towel and a hair net would quite possibly not be the best. Instead I professed my undying love to Amanda and spent the rest of the day walking around in a blissful haze with the most beautiful, glowing skin.

Map Guy noticed the difference. I’m not sure if that was due to the new found glow, the fact that I kept telling him to touch my face to see how smooth it was or because his birthday is coming up and he wants me to check out the site for 30th birthday gift ideas. Not sure. Either way, it was awesome and definitely worth missing my sleep in for. I think the facial-junkie in me has been reawakened.

Are you a facial-junkie? What’s your favourite treatment? Any guesses what my two secret experiences are?

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