A RedBalloon Baby Story

My name is Yuna, I am nearly four years old and I am a RedBalloon baby. My mum is a web programmer who joined the RedBalloon family one year before I was born. Mum said that at RedBalloon, experiences are things that people enjoy every day. And as a RedBalloon kid, I’ve even had my own experiences! I wanted to tell you all about them…

My very first experience was my “baby shower” in 2008.

As a part the farewell party before mum went on maternity leave, RedBalloon played a game in where all the RedBallooners stuck their baby photos on a board for people to guess who was who. Aren’t they cute?

When I turned 10 months old, mum returned to work. Dad said it was good for all of us even though I had less time with my mum. It was important for her to continue her career at her favourite workplace with her favourite people. Mum told me that working at RedBalloon she always felt recognised and inspired by lovely people. She also has more energy when she gets home to take care of me, and has lots of stories to tell!

One of her stories was the time she dived in an aquarium beside a big shark which had a big mouth full of sharp teeth like the one in Finding Nemo. She even saw a big turtle swimming above her. I want to be just like mum and do this when I grow bigger.

One Saturday afternoon, mum brought home a plate of food which she called “sushi”. She said that she made them for me and daddy at her Sushi Making Class – a free experience she was given as a Christmas present from RedBalloon. It was tasty. I love sushi!

Last month was the most exciting event I ever had as a RedBalloon baby – now a little girl. I was invited to a party! Mum took me to the Big Red Door house where I met lots of RedBallooners and their babies. Lots of them dressed up as Woody from Toy Story.

We caught a ferry to a restaurant where everybody had dinner in a big room. In one corner of the room I found a special tree that I have never seen in my life! Hanging from it was fairy floss, strawberries coated in chocolate and sparking gingerbread butterflies! I told mum that it reminded me of the candy house in Hansel and Gretel. The difference was it was not made by the witch so everyone could eat as much as they liked. Next to this tree was a chocolate fountain where I could soak marshmallows.

This is my mum and dad. You can hardly see me as I was running around the deck with other RedBalloon kids.

That night, we did not go home (and I was excited I was allowed to stay up late). The ferry took us all to Cockatoo Island to camp for the night. I wanted to explore that island but my eyelids were so heavy I had to wait til morning…

I better go for my afternoon tea now and wait for mum to come home and tell me all the exciting stories from her day at the Big Red Door house. Love, Yuna

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    Lovely story Chau and Yuna! Thank you for sharing with us.

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