A Foodies Life at RedBalloon

Hi, my name is Emma. I’m a RedBallooner, and I’m a Foodie.

I live to eat, rather than eat to live and this has been a constant since I came screeching into this world. I use this term because apparently the first words my mum uttered on seeing me were “She looks like a Parrot” (True story). Yes, I was bright pink, covered in fluffy black hair and wailing.

Turns out that’s where the resemblance ended. Parrots eat seed. And dry cuttlefish? Yuck!

Here are a few more gems from my childhood to back up my claim of being a foodie from birth:

“My hobbies are running, eating and reading” (student comments section in my Grade 1 report)

“Can someone find Emma her trough?” (Dad, to me at the dinner table countless times)

“My daughter has hollow legs” (Mum’s explanation to the staff at ‘Harvester’, the English equivalent of Sizzler on my destruction of the salad bar)

“Are you sure you want another full dozen escargot” (Parisian waiter to me, aged 3 while mum was in the loo) “OUI!” (Yours truly)

“Kid’s menu?!?!?” (Yep, me again. And very unimpressed too)

This brings me to the original intention of my blog post – to review my favourite RedBalloon experience. Guess what it includes?

Thankfully Dad and I are now united in our love of food, and my table manners have improved quite a bit so we eat out together a lot. My Christmas present to him in my first year of working at RedBalloon was this: Seaplane To Jonahs Restaurant For Lunch For Two . Cool huh?!

Jonah’s is located above Whale Beach, otherwise referred to (by me) as Wow Beach. I reckon it lives up to its name.

Whale Beach

Whale Beach

My Dad loves planes, although he’s usually on 747’s for work. This was way more fun! The pilot was really kind, and invited Dad up into the front seat. I don’t think he even minded the rather loud humming of the Indiana Jones theme song that continued throughout the entire flight.

Sea Plane

Sea Plane

Yes the flight from Rose Bay, over the city and north along the coast line was really special but it was the meal that was the highlight for me. Sorry, no pictures. The urge to eat still outweighs the urge to document gorgeous plates, but I can highly recommend the foie gras. The Yarra Valley Chardonnay was right up there too!

These days I need to balance the excesses of my gluttony with weekday restraint. But once a foodie, always a foodie and it’s just not possible for me to be happy on parrot food.

So after much testing and tweaking I now believe I have the Ultimate fresh, healthy and tasty lunch. I call it the YUMMM SALAD. You can YUMMM too:

For 2 people*

  • 1 x Cup Microwave Brown rice
  • 1 X Quarter BBQ Chicken (skin removed), chopped OR 2 x 75gm Sirena Tuna
  • 2 X handfuls green leaves (rocket, spinach, lettuce, cabbage whatever you like)
  • 1 X handful of chopped red capsicum, tomato
  • Pinch of chopped red onion
  • Pinch of drained capers
  • Some kind of jarred vegetable (try roasted capsicum or marinated mushrooms)
  • Fresh herbs of your choice (basil or coriander my favourite)
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon, drizzle of EV olive Oil and S&P to dress

Split everything between two bowls, choose whether to leave in layers or mix it all up and you’re ready to yummm!



*Best made and enjoyed with a Kylie Croot with whose help this salad is made in literally 2-3 minutes

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