Having a ball! RedBalloon Zorbing Review

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I have always wanted to try Zorbing. For some reason the idea of throwing myself inside a large ball filled with water has always appealed to me. I mean the thought of rolling down a hill and having the opportunity to slosh and slide around uncontrollably whilst getting soaking wet, I believe is going to be a happy memory in my mind and an awesome family experience that I simply had to make happen! So, I was very excited to have the opportunity to roadtest Zorbing with thanks to RedBalloon.

As a family we headed off to Zorb Park located near the Gold Coast. It is placed just a couple of minutes from Dreamworld and run by OZBall. It is actually the only place you can go Zorbing in Australia. Upon arrival we checked out the OZBall Hydro Hill and started to get very excited about rolling down the hill.

When we first ordered our RedBalloon voucher, we signed up to do the Ultimate Couples Zorbing Pass. It was for two people to enjoy the experience of riding together in a wet hydro and a dry rotating harness ride and you also get two single hydro rides to take on the OzBall Hill Challenge. When we arrived however, we did not realise that there was a weight restriction for the harness ride. The maximum number of people you can have in the hydro ball is 3, the weight restriction is 210kg. The maximum number of people in the harness ball is 2, with the weight restriction of maximum weight of 100kg per rider. So after understanding this we changed our plans and worked out a deal.

Instead of Matt and I just having the experience of going Zorbing, we worked out a deal so that all of our kids could have a chance to try out Zorbing as well. They were beyond excited. The only problem we faced with this whole experience was that they did not bring any swimmers, so we just let them go in their clothes! Ha ha! Not quite how Zorbing is supposed to be done but we did not mind our children getting their clothes wet to help create a happy memory!

We worked out who was going to ride together in the ball and climbed the hill to await our turn. You can have three people in the ball together to slip and slide around. Matt went with Sam and Eli, Liahona, Nathan and Harmony went together and Chelsea and I had a ride together. Liberty decided this was not an activity for her and sat out to watch us all have some fun. If you want a child to ride by themselves I believe they need to be six years of age to ride.

We had an absolute blast and my kids were so excited and hyped up when they finished their turn. The only negative thing I would say about this experience is that the hill is too short! Your ride in the ball is a total blast and you really want it to go on for much longer. Zorbing really is a unique experience and ride and several of my children immediately started planning a birthday party plan so that we can come back again! Here is also a short clip of Chelsea and I trying out Zorbing. I was trying to take on the challenge of standing up the whole way down…I have the purple top on.

Naturally, we believe that Zorbing would make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member. So much fun! You can also check out my other RedBalloon review here: V8 Super Car Racing Package.

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